Top English Setter Breeders

Setters Unlimited was established to help Setter enthusiasts find the top English Setter breeders.  Litters posted here represent some of the finest English Setter puppies for sale across the US.  Over the years we added Gordon Setter breeders and specialty type English Setters.  For example, Llewellen Setter Breeders are now represented.  Breeder participation is by invite only. Participating Breeders were chosen based on years of experience, breeding practices, results, and reputation. We can’t guarantee the results of any litter.  However, the English Setter puppies for sale on Setters Unlimited are the product of breeding practices that typically produce superior results.


The individual sites have numerous photos and some of the participants provide videos as well. Setters Unlimited is a great resource to learn about the top breeding programs and different types of Setters. All of the participating English Setter breeders have a “Our Setters” page.  Each site also has dog photos and descriptions.  You can also find photo galleries and/or videos. Most importantly, participating breeders provide a synopsis of their breeding practices, experience, and results.

Available Dogs & Services

Setters Unlimited participants offer English Setter puppies for sale. S/U is also a great resource if you are looking for a started english setter for sale or finished dogs. You can also find stud dogs and services such as training or guide services. Keep in mind, all of the participating breeders have experience shipping English Setter puppies all across the country.  Therefore, you need not limit your search to a specific geography.