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WELCOME to Tekoa Mountain PUPPIES and The Tekoa Mountain Puppy Program. (Pro training not included) Because Tekoa is a small, private kennel, additional attention can be taken with the details in maintaining the health and spirit of our English Setters. All pups are whelped in the house while watching TV. As each pup is born, a written log is made of their sex, size and markings with any notations of personality, size, markings or behavior. Their first 76 hours are spent under constant supervision. For the next 3 weeks, the pups are checked for warmth and comfort, and occasionally handled. At three weeks old, the pups are photo'd for later identification and Internet / phone communications then moved to the barn where they are separated from their mother and the puppy eating program will begin and their development individual personalities will emerge. Weaning the mother from the puppies will begin at the 5th week and by the 6th to 8th week the pups are released to their new owners. All puppies are given their first two immunization shots which include PARVO Only and the Max5Cvk 5-Way and have had their first one to two wormings before leaving Tekoa. ***** All year long, older puppies enjoy the freedom of a large "puppy pen" where they receive plenty of outdoor exercise. ***** After their fourth to sixth month of age, puppies are introduced the Tekoa breeding males and females to run every day for a period of 1 to 6 hours in a one acre pen which contains a pond for all of their swimming pleasure. This is a fun time for everyone and eliminates any fears of getting wet! Every dog will get playtime each day ( weather permitting ) which is valuable for their social behavior. It is also important these dogs learn about the horses next door as they run and play. During this time, all dogs learn their name, to come when called, to heel with a loose leash and to readily go back into their kennel. ***** Hunting and trial seasons provide a great opportunity to teach the dogs how to adapt to the chain and kennel boxes and what it is like to hunt in front of the horses they have played beside. With patience, plenty of enjoyment and time, our dogs will prove to be champions like their ancestors! ***** Tekoa Mountain Kennels is dedicated to providing as much opportunity as possible in preparing young dogs toward becoming their own Champions. For nearly 40 years Tekoa has been climbing the ladder of improving the quality of the English Setters ... Not for profit ... but for the dedication and love for this breed of hunting dog. A handsome Setter, whether by your side, on point, or flowing and cracking across the hills just fills your heart! A sincere "Thank You" to the many people that have become a part of the Tekoa Mountain English Setter family. ***** Please visit www.tekoamountainsetters.com for additional photos and information. Thank you!