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Open Range Kennels was established to breed English Setters that would make excellent hunting companions with a lot of natural ablity. If you are like me you don't have a lot of time training a dog. The dogs must learn it quick and retain what they have learned in my kennel. I like you do not have the time to hammer on one all the time. We breed for an outstanding nose, intelligence,good conformation,and an easy gait.While we have a few pointers in our kennel our primary objective is focused on the Setter! When we are not hunting we are field trialing our Setters against the pointers to test our breeding program. There is only a very small percentage of our pups that make field trial dogs that can win Championships. The rest make excellent gundogs.
We train on wild and liberated birds here in Oklahoma then go up north to the Dakota's to train on Sharptail Grouse, Pheasants,and Hungarian Partridge.I fell strongly that training on wild birds makes a birddog. If they can find wild birds they can find pre-released birds at a shooting preserve.
While I get a lot of satisfaction with 11 Championship titles in my kennel I also get a lot of pleasure when people call me up and tell me how satisfied they are with the puppy or started dog they have bought from me to hunt over such as Bobby Patterson from Oklahoma City Ok.and Adrian Jackson of Amarillo TX.
Our dogs are quarenteed to be physically sound. If they are not we will replace it with another pup.Thanks for visiting our website and good hunting!