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Setters Unlimited
is a non-profit co-op created to assist individuals interested in English Setters find, research, and follow the top English Setter breeders in the US on a single internet site. SU is an invite only site where only the most accomplished breeders of English Setters in the country have been asked to participate. The breeders on this site have demonstrated the dedication and unyielding selection process necessary to produce superior animals. Producing bird dogs with superior ability, style, intelligence, and a pleasing disposition requires a very demanding and discriminating selection process with no compromises. Only a very small percentage of breeders are willing and able to devote the effort and scrutiny necessary to produce animals that are truly a cut above.

SITE NAVIGATION - The site allows you to easily research all of the Available Litters, Upcoming Litters Started Dogs, and Studs Dogs from the entire group. Just click on the tabs above. You can also get detailed information on all the participants breeding programs by clicking on the participating kennel names in the left column. The site is database driven. Therefore, you may click on a photo of a dog anywhere on the site and get a pedigree and details on the dog. We have also highlighted some of the best products and places to shop for hunting products. Just click on any of the tabs in the right hand column to research products and services from these organizations.

PEDIGREE PROGRAM – S/U offers our visitors the ability to view a free pedigree program with over 18,000 pedigrees of the best Setters in the history of the breed. The pedigree program can be accessed by clicking on the red tab in the left column. This program will allow you to research and print the pedigrees of top English Setters for free.





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